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 Legal issues

   Here are some of the legal issues you could encounter as the owner of a  V&E house…


1.         The Party Wall Act 1996

If you live in a semi-detached or terraced house and are considering work on the wall(s) you share with your neighbour,  there are a few things it is essential to know first .…



2.         Trees & Hedges

Did you know, you could wind up with an ASBO for  growing a monster hedge?  Check with 'naturenet’ about problem hedges etc



3.      Planning,  Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

         Council planners have draconian enforcement powers.  Scary for the unwary ....



4.      Does your house comply with Building Regs?

         ( it's illegal not to ....)



5.      Bats in your belfry ??

        don't mess with those little critters - they're legally protected


6.       WHO OWNS that piece of land or property ?



7.       Help with  DIY CONVEYANCING 

         and   MOVING HOME



Other points that your solicitor should consider when you buy  a property include:-


-  is there a  flying freehold ?


- are there any rights of way over your land


- is there shared access to the house, eg a shared driveway or shared drains  ?





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